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• installation, maintenance, (re)arrangement of freshwater & marine aquaria
• provide assistance with plant or fish problems
• check of water parameters & individual evaluation
• technical support & repair service
• complete service and care during your vacation
• renting of CO2-reactors
• relocation of aquaria

business clients

We’ve all been there: waiting can become an uncomfortable burden when there is nothing to do. Being distracted, though, time literally flies.


Time is relative. Improve your patient’s idle time by showcasing an embellished aquarium.

In your waiting area or office an aquarium is, thus, not only a welcome distraction but supplies an aesthetic calming focus in nowadays fast-paced everyday life scenario. It is proven to not only relax but furthermore grant great comfort.

Flossenheld-Aquaristik-Service-Berlin-AquariumDecide on an elaborate aquarium for your business today – waiting area, office or lounge – we offer you complete qualified service out of one source: guidance, installation, setup and extensive maintenance for any kind of aquarium to meet your ideal preferences. Only have a vague idea of what your aquarium may look like?
Feel free to browse our samples and get inspired!

Flossenheld-Aquaristik-Service-Pflege-ArztAssure yourself of our great expertise at a first complimentary counselling interview. Together we will guide you and strive for the aquarium of your dreams.

Call us today or use our contact form to get in touch! Together, we will find an elegant solution for your aquaristic needs.


private clients


Flossenheld-Aquaristik-Service-Berlin-AquarienpflegeAre you a devoted aquarium caretaker on vacation or is a work commitment abroad coming up?
Seeking qualified support you may consider our services! Freshwater or marine tank: we carefully and professionally provide for your beloved fish.

Trouble-shooting in your aquarium?
Running out of ideas and wishing for professional feedback on aquaristic issues? Even on short notice we offer on-site maintenance regularly, support (e.g. check of water parameters) or rearrangements of your established fish tank.


You have already purchased an aquarium or Flossenheld-Aquaristik-Service-Berlin-Aquariumare planning to get a fish tank…
Of course, in the beginning there are certain details to consider when turning a glass tank into an interesting underwater park. Especially parents wanting to surprise their children with an aquarium at times find themselves clueless. Challenged by the unknown waters and their inhabitants we offer you professional advice. Whether for your children or your own first aquarium we will assist you! In particular for us it matters the most that you can follow and comprehend the necessary steps taken toward your aquarium adventure with a great learning experience. Let us guide you!

FlossenheldAt a first complimentary counselling interview we will advise you professionally. Already then you will be having the possibility to talk with us about your desired aquarium. You can reach us every day, simply call us or fill in the contact form.
We are looking forward to working with you!
Together we will find a solution according to your needs and preferences.



Get inspired by the aquariums we newly rearranged and decorated:

Café Sonnenstrahl

Flossenheld-AquarienpflegeInstalled in March 2013 this aquarium finds itself in the foyer of Café Sonnenstrahl. A grand aquarium was chosen on purpose to separate the entrance area from the café. This allows for customers in the café to not get distracted by the fast-paced environment at the front desk.


dentist’s surgery

Flossenheld-Aquarienpflege-Aquaristik-Service-BerlinA newly rearranged aquarium by Flossenheld can be found in a dentist’s surgery in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Analogous to the light interior design of the room we focussed on a minimal design approach for the tank itself to integrate nicely. Since 2013, a shoal of Neontetras as well as a couple of Apistogramma populate the aquarium.
The aquarium supplies a great source of relaxation and peace especially for patients that ususally avoid appointments with their dentist.


private client

Flossenheld-Aquaristik-Service-Berlin-Aquarium-Pflege-KundeThis is how your aquarium at home might look like.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Together we will find a solution according to your needs and preferences.

Contact us!


about us

Tina Kaschell
master of science marine biology/oceanography & bachelor of science biology

Flossenheld-Aquaristik-Service-Profil-Wasser-Fische-BerlinHaving successfully graduated from my bachelor as well as master studies in France and Canada, I was able to obtain a vast understanding of the ecology, biology and metabolic cycles of aquatic ecosystems. Working for the marine aquarium Océanopolis in Brest (France) I gained interesting and thrilling insights into various underwater biotopes. Decorating and maintaining tanks I especially attempt to imitate natural ecosystems focussing on a varied plantation and adequat life stock. My goal is to achieve natural balance in an artificial environment without the use of chemicals.
My personal suggestion: try seaweed as a natural supplement to your nutrition. It can already be found in sushi, in the form of condiment (i.e. flakes or powder) or tea. Seaweed is rich in nutrients and micronutrients!

I will gladly be your professional contact regarding wildlife concerns of your aquarium!

Harald Pohl
diploma geography

Harald Pohl FlossenheldEver since being a kid I have been fascinated by aquariums. Back then, they opened a window to an unknown world in which sea creatures mysteriously floated about space. Until today the fascination has lasted. I have improved my knowledge in the field by working with a marine aquarium in Berlin for years besides studying. I believe by combining hard work with real passion best results can be achieved in one’s pursuit. I’m striving to design beautiful elegant fish tanks for our customers that endure to relax and delight. Simultaneously I pursue to create a balanced, natural and species-appropriate unity.
Our aquariums aim to give insight in the various environments offered by nature while avoiding to use artificial plants or decoration.

I am looking forward to discussing your individual aquaristic preferences with you!

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